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Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.

--Stephen Hawking

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Anonymous asked: Yep he's being released in 2 weeks.

How old is he now?

Anonymous asked: Michael Agli the original club kid in NYC is being released from prison next month after he murdered his roommate/drug dealer. The movie Party Monster was based on him in case you didn't know who he was.

I’m familiar with that story. I didn’t know he was was up for release though.

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Anonymous asked: No lie the dog will end up potty training Sam the guy writes with his feet I doubt he could use a toilet

Well Sam likes to feed the things he loves off the floor doesn’t he?

Anonymous asked: he is dating mercedes a wekk and already wants sex and says he loves her and two weeks later he wants to be a father and husband! That guy is so dumb, ffs he is 19!

Ikr?  I hope Ryan isn’t trying to make us think this is a mature and cute and/or romantic thing to do.  He’s a kid and a fucking dumb as fuck kid at that.

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Detail from Canova’s “Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss”, 1787-93, Louvre. (via)


Detail from Canova’s “Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss”, 1787-93, Louvre. (via)

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Meanwhile, the smitten Sam is eager to prove to Mercedes that he’s a responsible and dependable adult worthy of being considered husband (and father) material. To prove his point, he adopts a dog, but when “McConaughey” proceeds to destroy the apartment (and Mercedes’ expensive hair extensions), Sam must teach the dog some obedience or admit failure.



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So for Sam, he equates training a dog with proving he’s father and husband material?  ok, proof he’s not ready to be either.

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We get to NYADA where Cheeto McCheater is still eating his feelings and turning orange out of jealousy over Kurt and his succsess.


In their hilarious review. Between the beautiful new names for Dickbag Anderson and the fun use of gifs, this is one of my favorite reviews to read each week.

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"He goes on and on about how he used to be in Dalton fight club but seriously, i am pretty sure that was just a giant pillow fight with harmonized squeeling."

I loled so hard that I’m actually sure my neighbors heard me through the wall.

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leimbeitl writes on point reviews!  I always look forward to them.  

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Anonymous asked: Reading that summary makes me hate Sam more. So wants to marry Quinn Brittany and Mercedes already has a cat with Brittany now a dog that Mercedes doesn't want just no dump him and kick him out Mercedes seriously. Writers trying to make Sam likable again is impossible the damage was done and Chord being a douche didn't help just let it go focus on the girls and Kurt that's what people actually want to see.

When I read that Sam is talking about being a husband and father I rolled my eyes so hard.  A husband and father?  Really?  He is laughable.  He needs to spend some time alone and get his shit together.  I do not understand where Ryan is going with these couples.  They are all just a mess.  What is going on right now?  I mean Ryan isn’t even trying to make them healthy.